The Great Multiverse: War for Riz'ro is a game developed by Pandemic Studios and Bioware. the Game takes place during the early years of the Combine Invasion of the Riz'ro Galaxy and ask the galaxy fights against them, the game is very similar to the Great Multiverse: Battlefront in that both have both single player and multiplayer modes having customization, however, the single player has a storyline that follows a team of soldiers that's assisted to the Normandy under the command of Dr. Roman Shepard and Commander Ivan and Natasha Shepard as they fight to slowly push the Combines back and form a defensive line against the invaders.


the game prides itself for having an entarily customization crew member, however,  it's only for the crew members that the player commands, the rest of the Normandy Crew is uncustomizatible. The player when they first start the game can choose any of the species listed for their main player character, after the player creates their player characters, the game then gives them ten open slots for team members to be customized, the player can choose once  the player creates their crew, the game will then start. But it's not the only thing that's customization, the player can customize both the player character and the team members armor/uniforms in verity of styles and colors

Species overview


  • Rebellion
  • Volunteers
  • Forgotten Age



  • The Citadel Alliance
  • Alliance Joint Military
  • The Lambda Liberation Front
  • The Thessian Resistance
  • The Illium Resistance
  • The Dekuuna Resistance (DLC)
  • The Irune Resistance (DLC)


  • Cerberus
  • Empire of the Combine Race
  • Citadel Occupation Force
  • Tuikkiujik (Thessia) Colonial Defense Force
  • (Combine) Republic of Illium
  • (Combine) Republic of Dekuuna (DLC)
  • (Combine) Federation of Irune (DLC)


  • Blue Suns
  • Blood Pack
  • Eclipse


  • Aria's Omega
  • CAT6
  • Reaper Remnant
  • Forgotten Armies (DLC)

Single Player



Galactic Siege


Trench Warfare

War front

Weapons that appear in the game

Vehicles that appear in the game

Characters that appear in the game

  • William Joseph Blazkowicz
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Ivan Shepard
  • Roman Shepard
  • Natasha Shepard
  • Ashley Williams
  • Miranda Lawson
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