Great Multiverse Battlefront: Blazkowicz's Squadron is a video game that is a spin-off of the Great Multiverse: Battlefront series which is available exclusively on the PlayStation Vita. Developed by Rebellion Developments.

The game follows the story of William "B.J." Blazkowicz's squad. The game's story mode has 18 missions. The game supports online play for up to 24 players. It includes several features, including support for 16 player infrastructure online play, and squad members. It should also be noted that when you have the option to spawn as a hero, you are no longer forced to respawn at a command post, but automatically become the hero wherever you currently are. Space heroes, as well as hero Capture the Flag, ability to enter Capital Ships, an all new Campaign, a brand-new Multiversial Conquest, and online leaderboards are new features as well.

Plot Edit

Blazkowicz's Squadron focuses on a group of many Alliance operatives, organized by BJ Blazkowicz. These operatives were used to accomplish missions for the Alliance during the First War. There are 15 battles for this story mode.

Customization Edit

There is no class system. Instead, players are able to organize their squad and customized their own soldier to fit the battle's needs.

The player has 1000 credits to spend on gear. Each item in a section has a certain value. The player can choose to equip whatever they want, providing they have enough credits. Depending on the battle or the situation, the player can unequip certain items to regain credits and then equip a different item.

Alliance of Nations Squad Members Edit

BJ Blazkowicz Marian Hawke Allison Jakes Han Solo
Jaina Proudmoore James T. Kirk Teal'c of Chulak Samantha Carter
Lena Oxton Aeryn Sun Leonard McCoy Alexi Scott
RJ MacReady David Mason Obi-Wan Kenobi Luke Skywalker
Dan Marshall Mara Jade Kaiden Alenko James Vega
Lando Calrissian John Price Maya John-117
William Riker Vereesa Windrunner Anakin Skywalker Commander Cody

Axis of Empires Edit

Wilhelm Strasse Ahri Darth Vader Hans Grosse
Duiiziiki Oujjikkivviz Alec Lawson Selvaria Bles Martok
Andrei Malakov Darth Maul Jango Fett Darius
Maya Visari Artemis Zin General Grievous Tizzioulia Cilivikki
Ra Zoe Washburne Mael Radec Derrial Book
Grodin Tierce Jacob Danik Lupe Balboa Natasha Volkova
Friedrich Keller Katarina Du Corteau Vazus Mandrake Yuriko Omega

Horde Edit

Gorgutz 'ead Unter Sylvanas Windrunner Noore Najjar Tyber Zann
G'kar Agatha Khan Noonien Singh Silri
Arthas Menethil Ka'hairal Balak Elara Illidan Stormrage
Lee Min Alexi Stukov Sarah Kerrigan Aiakos
Dash Rendar Lelith Hesperax Duras, Son of Jarod Irisa Nyira
Shiv'kala Raynar Thul Nom Amor Lady Vashj
Varion Zaed Massani Bossk IG-88
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