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The Great Serethan-Allied War (also known as Great Serethan Turkey Shooting) was a military conflict fought primarily between the Alliance of Nations and the Races of the Seretha. The Allies fought Horkfhans, Deleathans, Okars, Melderians and Gorthrones, with some help from C.E.L.L., the Rogue Squadron, Task Force Talon, Task Force 141 and the Night Elf Division force. The war ended in a victory for the Alliance of Nations and the Annexation of Seretha into the Allies, the Horfkhans, Deleathans and others were then forced to surrender with over 50 billion people killed by the end of the conflict total killed for Allies and Serethan races. In the aftermath of the Serethan-Allied War, the Deleathans, Horfkhans and Melderians are exiled from Seretha and joined Coalition of Independent States to find their new homeworld. After the First War, the Alliance was regentful for starting the conflict and have tried to help the remaining Horfhans, Deleathans, Melderians and Gorthrones as a means to repay for their horrified actions.

People involved[]

Alliance of Nations[]

  • BJ Blazkowicz
  • Allison Jakes
  • Wedge Antilles


  • Shiala Mal Krysa