Gregar Typho

Captain Gregar Typho was a Human male who served as head of security for Senator Padmé Amidala during the Separatist Crisis and Clone Wars. A quiet, simple man native to the backwater world of Naboo, Typho made a name for himself as a Junior Palace Guard during the Battle of Naboo in 1401, in which he fought with distinction, suffering several injuries including the loss of his left eye. Typho then became the personal bodyguard and security advisor for Padmé Amidala in 1409 when she abdicated the throne and became a Senator; he inherited the position from his uncle, Quarsh Panaka, who served as Typho's mentor for much of his life. Typho quickly fell in love with the Senator, but he knew their social castes were too different for any relationship to form. When Amidala's life came under threat in 1411, Typho's paranoia of an assassination attempt coinciding with the Senator's visit to Coruscant to vote on the Military Creation Act saved her life, when a decoy handmaiden was killed in her place. Typho continued to serve Amidala during the Clone Wars, traveling on several diplomatic missions for her.

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