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The Grim Reaper I is the first of two galaxy destroying superweapons developed by the TransRace Empire and ordered by Emperor Peter Tsar. It was destroyed during the Battle of Filo Maw by the Combined efforts of the Federation's pilot Theodore Yujo and Admiral Iroh in 4039. It was also responsible for the destruction of the Fop'lla Universe Milky Way Galaxy.


Armaments and Weapons Systems[]

The main armament of the Grim Reaper I is the Absolution Beam; a beam that when fired into a black hole will created a galaxy spanning explosion that vaporizes stars, planets, and even other black holes.

Command Structure[]

Design and Appearance[]

Command and Crew[]


  • It and its' later cousin are based off of the Death Stars only to a galactic scale in terms of shear destructive capability.