The Grineer (Second Human Empire: ?) are the first enemies encountered by the Allies. They utilize technologically crude but undeniably effective weapons. To a man, the Grineer are a race of clones (much like the Galactic Republic's Clone Troopers); products of ancient, half-remembered technologies. Copies of copies, Grineer are produced in industrial quantities, and all Grineer are genetically defective, their genome damaged by the invasive cloning procedures used to birth each generation. However, these defects are as mass-produced as the Grineer themselves, allowing for the rapid standardization of techno-augmetic adaptation between such generations. Indeed, it could be argued that the Grineer are better at fixing broken bodies than they are at making ones that function to begin with. Their homeworld is Ziff'li Earth. The Grineer joins Coalition of Independent States to battle against the Tennos, which is joined the Alliance of Nations

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