"She's gonna blow!"
―Grizz Frix's last words during the Nationalist Wars

Grizz Frix was a Human male from Devaron who served as a pilot in the Alliance of Nations and the Multiversal Federation. He was raised in a prejudiced society, as Humans on Devaron were in a minority. Since a more tolerant society was impossible under Emperor Palpatine's rule, Frix found his escape through piloting. He also read A Call to Reason, and subsequently was inspired to join the Allies. Impressing his recruiter, Frix was assigned to the MC80 Star Cruiser Independence, and was considered a favorite to join the elite Rogue Squadron. Frix was returned to active duty, and he participated in the attack against the Death Star II over Endor, piloting a T-65 X-wing starfighter. Frix lost his life during the engagement when he flew too close to the exploding shield generator of an Khadoran-Nationalist Star Destroyer in the Nationalist Wars.

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