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Guri was a Human replica droid, designed to be an almost perfect replica of a Human female, and the only one of her kind engineered as an assassin. She was created around the First War by the Imperial researchers Simonelle and Massad Thrumble for Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate. After being sold to Xizor for nine million credits, Guri served as his lieutenant and was one of the few individuals the necessarily paranoid crime lord believed he could trust. Xizor left Guri to attend to much of the day to day running of Black Sun and many incorrectly assumed that she was the leader of the syndicate. Guri also served as an assassin, eliminating several of Xizor's enemies, including Imperial Advisor Fendrilon Koozar, the Ubese bounty hunter Boushh and the leaders of the rival company Ororo Transportation.

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"Don't play stupid, dirt flyer! My name is Guri. Black Sun wants some answers."
―Guri, to Dash Rendar[src]

Although Guri physically resembled a Human female, there was a coolness about her which could be attributed to her true nature as a Human replica droid. This coolness was part of her ability to kill without any sign of conscience or emotion, and she often considered killing to be the easiest solution to problems.[2]

Programmed to protect Xizor at all costs, Guri was devoted to him in all matters of his life—she was even known to hold his clothes while he spent time with a mistress. As Xizor's most trusted advisor Guri was in the unique position of being able to speak her mind, saying things that no other would dare say to the Dark Prince and he valued her counsel when it was offered. Even so, Guri was not one to speak unnecessarily and would generally not offer an opinion unless it was requested.[2]

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  • Xizor

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