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The HAVw A5 Juggernaut was a massive, ten-wheeled combat vehicle produced by Kuat Drive Yards. It was used by the Alliance of Nations and the Axis of Empires. Designed and built by Kuat Drive Yards, the HAVw A5 Juggernaut was a 21.8 meter long[2] wheeled assault vehicle.[1] The main body of the A5 stood ten meters tall, with the separate sentry tower increasing the overall height of the Juggernaut to nearly fifteen meters.[3] Equipped with thick, nearly impenetrable armor, the A5 incorporated dual control cabins, one located at either end of the vehicle. As a result, the A5 was steerable from either end, and the wheels were independently steerable from either control cabin. The dual steering control system was required due to the amount of time required to turn the vehicle completely around; in situations requiring the vehicle to reverse course, it could simply be driven from the other end of the vehicle.

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