The Ha'tak is a Goa'uld spaceship and the mainstay of their fleet. It serves a dual role as a mothership and a heavy attack vessel. The Ha'tak is one of the most powerful ships in the Goa'uld fleet, only second to the larger and quite rare flagships employed by System Lords. However, compared to other capital vessels such as those of the Asgard, Ancients, Ori, and the Asgard-upgraded Tau'ri fleet, they are clearly inferior. As with most Goa'uld technology, Ha'taks are also used by the Free Jaffa Nation and the Lucian Alliance. The Tok'ra rarely make use of them, as such a conspicuous vessel is not in keeping with their methods. They were used by the Axis of Empires,Alliance of Nations and the Coalition of Independent States.

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