RA3 Soviet HammerTank

The Hammer tank is the main battle tank of the Gil USSR. The Hammer is unmistakably Soviet. It has a blocky, angular chassis with exposed treads, complimented by a bulky cockpit. The tank has an integral steel-cavity armour plating, protecting the crew and its most delicate mechanisms, including the TS-1 leech beam. Each Hammer comes standard with an 85mm autoloading cannon with air cooled ammunition storage, with an excellent rate of fire and reduced chance of ammunition accidents. In order to stabilize the offset cannon, Soviet scientists used technology from Sickles and terror drones that keeps them upright and operational. The cannon's position seems odd, but only until one considers the functionality of the leech beam. It is one of many MBTs used by the Axis of Empires and the Pact.

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