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The Hammerburst II was the Locust standard-issue, high-powered battle rifle. It is often referred to as the Locust counterpart to the COG Lancer Assault Rifle, the Hammerburst II possessed an automatic and a semi-automatic fire mode. The Hammerburst II is a result of a number of modifications made on the Hammerburst Assault Rifle, such a longer barrel with a larger bore for higher caliber rounds, a completely reworked action for receiving and ejecting cartridges, and a rudimentary iron sight on top of the receiver. It is used by the Alliance of Nations.

The hammerbrust II main fire mode is a burst fire that is short allowing the user to make calculated shots. Much like the main bust fire modern day weaopons of the Pol universe the Hammerburst II in many regards could be seen as the inferior weapon, howevee it is cheap and robust which makes it the Locus Hordde standard infantry weapon. The HammerburstI has many advantages over its predessocr the Hammerburst that it can now fire aitomaticly unlike the burst fire only mode the Hammerburst got its nickname for. However the hammerburst still suffers from high recoil but does waste less annimuion than previously. The Hammerburst should be noticed as a SMG like weapon as it is suited to close to medium engagment ranged under 500 metres.