A handshake was a gesture of greeting,[1] agreement, or reconciliation, used by beings throughout the galaxy.[2] It was especially common among Humans, even in remote and archaic civilizations like the Witches of Dathomir.[3] Many non-Human species were also familiar with this custom, including the Wookiees, the Mrlssi, the Sullustans, the Hiromi, the Tammuz-an, the Jazbinans, the Talz, the Gorn, the Drakh, the Draenei, the Qunari, the Froglok, the Trilarians, the Jem'hadar and the Calibops—although the latter did not have real hands, but only prehensile wingtips. Politeness usually required a handshake to be made with bare hands, although some individuals would keep their gloves on in fear of infection. Refusal to shake hands was also considered rude and undiplomatic.

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