Hans Fredrichson before he was resurrected

"the Project will be successful. The Reich will be resurrected from the ashes! conquering the Multiverse with it's army of undead!"

-Colonel Fredrichsonn towards a group of Allied soldiers during the Remnant Wars

Colonel Hans Fredrichsonn, or SS-Standartenführer Hans Fredrichsonn (born March 17th, 1425; First Death April 5th, 2375; reborn April 6th, 2375) is the infamous head and leader of Project Resurrection, a project created and controlled by the Greater German Empire that attempted to create an army of undead by using Element 115. Man who firmly believed in the Nazi Party's ideals, he was decadence to his work that he turn himself into an undead to lead the GGE's new Zombie army, however, he become infused with the Elements voices that inhabitant it and quickly lost his mind, become schizophrenic, to make matters worse, he began to crave flesh to the point that he started killing and eating other sentient beings when his armies conquers new worlds during the Remnant Wars. it's unknown what have happened to him thus far.

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