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Hashemite Hejaz Revolutionary Army is the name of a revolutionary/terrorist army from Saudi Arabia formed by Safaaa "Nemesis" el-Hammad with the help of Black Veil and was the main faction that led to the Saud Monarchy overthrown and the subsequent crisis that led for the Arabic peninsula to fall to a state of warlordism and anarchy.


The origins of this group remount long before the actual formation of the H.H.R.A. Safaaa el-Hammad was an ordinary girl she used to live in the city of the Mecca she was extrely adventorous and a risk taker but also she was very smart, this behavior would increase radically when she started to read the Koran and came to the conclusion that there wasn't anything surrounding the fact that Allah wasn’t mad with women covering their face tis led her to a troublesome period were she would be detained by the local authorities for not having the burka and the relationship with her family started to deteriorate as she suffered various physical abuse primarly by it's father which was a goverment official for the sauds. During this time she began to become more burly, strong-mided and capable of getting out of situations, furthermore she started to idolize people that are tabbu in the saudi arabian society like Husayn ibn Ali and Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi (one for his more moderate ideas on islam and the other one for openly critizing the Saud regime actions in Yemen, Syria and in the rest of the Arab world) this behavior was it's standard form of life and by 2018 she entered the face that would immortalize her . She was checking her cellphone one night at her parents house and saw an article in which they inform about Jamal's assassination and that it was ordered by Mohammed bin Salman additionally among her Father's papers she found out that the prince had ordered her assassination aswell and in between the papers there were various documents that carried topics from about the constant war in Yemen, violation on human rights, censorship, promoting islamic terrorism and all kinds of atrocities commited by the House of Saud and how the UN hadn't taken any sort of active action towards the monarchy this changed Safaaa's view and went of into the desert to form a resistance against the goverment and also acomplish Ali's wishes.

Forming the H.H.R.A. and Black Veil association

She spent 7 years forming a military force in an attempt to overthrow the Sauds but it's income that came from drug trafficking and sex slavery but due to her lack of view of business wasn't enough to fully fund it's forces so as a last she made a desperate move and accepted the offer of a panamian gunsmither and smuggler which was associated with black veil. For her fortune 'Nergal' liked Safaaa's movement and it's ideals as he wanted to threaten the first world's crude supply and as thank he made her an official associate of Black Veil and gave her the codename "Nemesis". From this H.H.R.A. grow began as Ernesto provided the firearms, Grankin provided miltary training, Sengprachanh and Keiki finances, Dajman vehicles, etcetera, etcetera. Nemesis in the meantime started to gather supporters and plan on how the coup will play out.

Heyaz Coup

In march 17, 2025 Nemesis alongside alongside Black Veil carried out a massive terrorist attack against Saudi Aramco destroying the main source of capital that Saudi Arabia had destroying the social contract, this caused massive unrest which only strengthened when various archives that demonstrated the atrocities committed by the Sauds that a massive coup was carried out against the Saudi Government and purged the monarchy the pesecution of every single Saud simpatizer was imminent and in general the H.H.R.A. had the advantage as they got the arsenal and the money that the House of Saud and the Saudi Arabian govrment had at it's disposal also with the atrocious actions made by the Saudi government public the military and the population were against the Sauds and the plan would have been successful, if it wasnt for Nemesis choice to send an 8th of her forces to invade Iran without defeating the Saudi Arabian remnants who managed to contact the west which sent a Coalition to intervene against the rebels and ended with Nemesis' detention.

H.H.R.A.’s downfall

With the H.H.R.A leaderless this led to various other factions, and ethnic groups like the Assyrian people started to claim to claim territory weakening the H.H.R.A. actions not to mention third parties that were being involved in the conflict to gain profits from it and the foreign coalition sent to save was little was left of the old Saudi Arabia, eventually the rebels ended entrenched in the district of Hiyaz. After this little advancements were made as the Arabian peninsula started to be controlled by disputed by various warlords and guerrillas. This led to an agreement with the H.H.R.A. which was taken over by a great-grandson of the last Hashemite leader who started to collide with western nations to solve their international problems leading to a breach forming in the H.H.R.A between those who oathed loyalty to the monarch and those who still were loyal to Black Veil leading into a smaller conflict that the newly formed nation of Heyaz won with Anglo-Turkish support leading to the detention of any Black Veil sympathizer between Heyaz ground forces in which most of them were imprisoned while others escaped through Black Veil's underground network to Sudan or Iran.