Haven City from Jak II render

" Welcome to Haven City. All laws are enforced for your safety. Obey them, and you will not be punished."

-Baron Praxis

Haven City is a City located in the Xeniu Universe. It is a secluded metropolitan state resting at the bottom of ice-capped mountains in the middle of a wasteland, protected by an all-encompassing wall, founded post-Metal Head incursion amid the Metal Head Wars by Precurian-era legend Mar. The city played a central role in a varity of conflicts in Xeniu. The city's existence was prompted by the safeguarding and preservation of the area's assets, such as the innocent people there (hence the name "Haven" City), as well as the Catacombs entrance, the Life Seed, the last Precursor Stone, and the Rift Gate. In its early years, Haven City was governed by a dynasty known as the House of Mar until it was supplanted by Baron Praxis. Following his death, his daughter Ashelin Praxis assumed governorship and remains the governor of the city.

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