The Heartless Civil War, also known as the Imperial Civil War (Malica), the Heartless Strife and the War of Imperial Clans, was a conflict that occured between the Empire of the Heartless that competely devestied it. The War started when Hitt'lon Zizz'lii, the man who created the Heartless, was freed from Kingdom Hearts. At first, the war was only two factions, but it quickly became a multi-factioned war when the other members of the Imperial Council and a General took adventage of the Conflict and began to fight one another for control of the Empire, the result ended in Empress Maleificent's Victory, however, the war left the Empire militarily and economically weaken which resulted in it's destruction and annexation into the United Commonwealths of Worlds

People InvolvedEdit


  • Empress Maleificent and Loyalist (Supported by the Axis of Empires)
  • Hade's Faction
  • Jafar's Faction
  • Ursala's Faction
  • Boogie's Faction
  • Hook's Faction
  • General Colius Ballad's Faction
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