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Flag of the Hegemony of Independent States

Hegemony Emblem

The Hegemony of Independent States, also known as the Hegemony, was a civilization that formed after the Coalition Civil War by Warboss Gorgutz. After the end of theSecond Multiverse War, many had thought that the Coalition had either died out or was divided between many different warlords to cause any real harm, little did anyone know that the Coalition of Independent States had be reborn as the Hegemony and was planning on a massive, genocidal and xenocidical war against the multiverse. They saw their change when the TransRace Empire declared war against the Multiversial Fedeation thus starting the Third Multivere War, they joined the conflict right after, which surprised everyone on both sides. But the Hegemony quickly found itself torn apart by internal conflicts, as the current Chairmen, Chairmen Gorgutz and a highly influential leader, Ru'afo, started fighting one another in secret shadow wars that only weaken the Hegemony to the point that when Ru'afo claimed control of the Hegemony, all he could do was keep it alive for a few more years until it was conquered by the TransRace Empire and the Multiversial Federation 

Hegemony of Independent States


"Strong and Ruthless"




Many Languages



Single-party dictatorship




Historical era

Dark Ages, Second Multiverse War, Infection War, Third Multiverse War

Number of Planets

twenty-five thousand


fifty trillion

Official Religion Currency


Official Religion

no Official Religion



Staying Isolated[]

Joining the Third War[]




the Senate, when it first was reorganised was support to be the most powerful state body for newly formed Hegemony, but it quickly became a mere rubber stamp institution, approving and implementing all decisions made by the Chairmen of the Hegemony

Gorgutz's Rule[]

Under Gorgutz's reign, the new regime used forced labor in order to rebuild the economy and began discovering new resources in order to build a new war machine. Women were also expected to make a maximum of 5 children per family in order to create more recruits. The size of its military began to grow larger and became better equipped. Religion was banned under strict policies, which made the forces of Chaos start having some distrust with the Orks in power, but accepted this later on. But, as the Third War wage on, many started to distrust Gorgutz and started to follow the ideals of Ru'afo, until midway though the war, Ru'afo claimed control over the Hegemony and placed himself as the new Chairmen of the Hegemony

Ru'afo's Rule[]