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Hera Syndulla (codenamed Spectre 2) (Born: July 8th, 1385) was a female Twi'lek soldier, and the owner of the Ghost.

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Hera acts like the mother of all of the crew of the Ghost. Whenever new members joined she took them under her wing and protected them. Hera had a kind heart but could be very aggressive against the Stormtroopers and other members who work for the Empire.

Having been inspired by her father, Hera has a strong dedication to the Rebel cause, such that she is willing (albeit hesitantly) to give up on crew members if they willfully sacrifice themselves, but she can be persuaded otherwise if there is hope.

Hera is careful, alert, and shrewd, such as when she noticed the behavior of Gall Trayvis and correctly deduced he was an Imperial spy and tricked him with an empty blaster.

While she cares for her crew-mates, Hera has little patience for nonsense and infighting, opting to either be a peacekeeper among her crew or force them to work together in situations where they can't afford to mess up. Still she's not above pulling a prank herself when she warned Ezra and Zeb not to return from a supply run without a fruit that didn't grow on Lothal.

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