Heroes of the Great Multiverse is a freemium game released on the iOS and Android devices. The game lets players purchase and collect 3D figures of key characters (called "heroes" in the game) from all other universes, form them into a squad, and then battle human and AI-controlled foes. The game functions as a squad-based strategy game with the battles played out automatically and the outcome contingent upon the selection of characters in the five-person party, their abilities and formation on the battlefield, as well as any runes that are buffing the team. At launch, Heroes of the Great Multiverse included more than one hundred unique characters, each with four potential evolutions or variations. Characters are available through grinding or via an in-game cash store.[2] Post-launch support will increase this number with characters as more content added to the Multiversal Timeline (i.e Lena Oxton and Tiaan Jerjerrod). How much the game will interact with the recent content has not been confirmed, but the game's producer noted that the developer is working closely with BioWare and such interaction would make sense.

Classes of characters Edit

Characters are sorted into different classes (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) and have rock/paper/scissor-style pros and cons.[3] [4] When a new character is obtained, the resulting character is determined in a "lottery" style, with a random chance of obtaining any one character, the likelihood of receiving a Rare or Epic character, for example, which can be increased by grinding or payment. Characters can be purchased from various Hero Packs in the in-game store for gold or gems. There is also a one-time-use "Ultimate" pack that guarantees an Epic unit, available for $1.99.

Factions Edit

Heroes of the Great Multiverse uses colors to display the nature, or faction, of the units.[6] The colored circular plate in each character's base denotes their status. The coloring rationale, with some exceptions, is defined below:

When four characters of the same faction are used simultaneously, a faction bonus is granted. This bonus is the character's percentages added together. Common characters add 1%, Uncommon characters add 2%, Rare characters add 3%, Epic characters add 4%, and Legendary characters add 5%. For example, a party comprised of 1 Rare (3%), 2 Epic (4%) and 1 Legendary (5%) characters of the same color would grant a 16% Faction bonus. Characters of two different factions count towards either faction.

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