Hitt'lon Zizz'lii, also known as Ulciscor, formally known as General Hitt'lon Zizz'lii and Emperor Hitt'lon I of the House of Zizz'lii, was the General turned Emperor of the Malican Empire (of which he founded) and created the Darkened (Heartless), he imprisoned in a massive, heart shaped moon that later became known Kingdom Hearts, their, he vowed for revenge against the people who imprisoned him, he became known as Ulciscor when he manage to escape from Kingdom Hearts (with the unwilling help of Alexi Scott and his comrades, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Terra, Ventus and eleven of the former organization XIII member) and take his revenge on who imprisoned him, but he realized that they are dead to, instead, he went on to try and kill everyone in the Malica Universe. He was killed before it could do so however in a conflict that forced both Axis and Alliance forces to work together

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