Home One, also known as the Headquarters Frigate, was an MC80 Star Cruiser in the Alliance's fleet, famous for its role in many Battles and as one of Admiral Gial Ackbar's flagships.[6] It was the namesake of the Home One type subclass[2] and was noted as being the largest and most advanced Star Cruisers.

CharacteristicsEdit Edit

Home One belonged to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser line of warships, and like most Mon Cal ships, it had a long cylindrical hull. Blue-gray in color, it had a tapered nose, and a bulbous stern, and it lacked the flared wings seen on the MC80 Liberty type.[6]

In her original form, the Home One was an unarmed civilian vessel, designed for deep-space exploration, and her hull was strewn with a number of large observation viewports that would have been vulnerable in a military role.[3] However, it is possible that, viewport bubbles notwithstanding, she was protected from the outset by the heavy hull plating and triple-redundant deflector shields that she would later carry in Rebel Alliance service.[3]

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