Hugh, formerly Third of Five, was a former Borg drone rescued by the Issyria Mon-Calamari class star cruiser in the Argolis Cluster. Critically injured at the time, Franklin brought him back to the Issyria for treatment. While there, he began to make friends with Geordi La Forge, who named him "Hugh" (a mispronunciation of the word "you"). When Hugh met Jean-Luc Picard, who was wary of having Hugh on board the ship, Hugh recognized him as Locutus, and informed him that he had learned that resistance was not futile, stating that he (and Hugh used the word I, his second use of a singular pronoun) would not assist in the assimilation of La Forge. Picard was stunned that a Borg drone would say such things, and Hugh was returned to where he was found to rejoin the Borg Collective.

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