the Human-Animali Sapien War on Zoa'riktoik Earth was an two-way xenocidal war that occurred between the Humans and Animali Sapiens on Zoa'riktoik Earth that occurred around 150 thousand BNE to 100 thousand BNE with the extinction of the Human Species on Zo'riktoik and the Animali Sapiens reduced to the stone-age. The war is largely unknown, but the devastation caused by it is infamous with many of the species found within the Animali Sapiens forced to rebuilt from the ashes. From recent evident, the war ended with the use thermal nuclear warheads by both sides, and from the utter lack of humans, that act either wiped the species off of the planet or devastated them to the point that they couldn't rebuild and was swiftly wiped out by the remaining Animali Sapiens.

What's known so far regarding the war Edit

  • Early into the war, the two sides where not fully unified, with much of the war spent fighting other rival factions between the two species. For Humans, they were divided into the Union of Human Socialist Republics (UHSR) and the United Human States (UHS) while the Animali Sapiens were divided into the United Animal Republics (UAR) and the Imperial Union of Animal Kingdoms (IUAK). But eventually the UHS and the UAR came out victorious against the UHSR and IUAK but the war between the two species did not end, instead, it grew in furiosity.
  • Both sides perform horrific atrocities against each other, with Humans and carnivores variety of Animali Sapiens often found eating dead combats (Humans with virtually all Animali Sapiens varieties while carnivores of the Animali Sapiens with Humans). And as the war went on, the two groups started to purposely attacking each other civilian cities, villages and towns to purposely kill its' inhabitants to eat them, in a gruesomely twisted form of hunting.
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