The Human-Kilominitic Wars was a series of brutal wars between Humanity and Kilominitics that lasted from 148 Centrillion B.N.E (about three hundred years after both species creation by the Edanians) to 3142 N.E (somepoint after the Second Multiverse War) what little is known is that it started out as simple arguement between two familites (it's unknown who started it.) to Tribal Wars then Regional Wars, Continuential Wars Intercontiential Wars, Planetary Wars, Interplanetary Wars, Galactic Wars, InterGalactic Wars, Universial Wars, Interuniversial Wars and finally Multiversial Wars, this help make it the worse series of conflicts in the Multiverse's history by the horrific deathtoll and destruction it has caused. 

List of (Currentially) known conflictsEdit

Tribal WarsEdit

  • The First Yaami-Konli War
  • The Second Yaami-Konli War
  • The Third Yaami-Konli War
  • The Fourth Yaami-Konli War
  • The Fifth Yaami-Konli War
  • The Sixth Yaami-Konli War
  • The Ku'lo-Mi'lon War
  • The Toit-Vensa War
  • The Duil-Holka War
  • The Tik-Vo'ra War
  • The Moluk-Milak War
  • The First Tuzri-Lonne War
  • The Second Tuzri-Lonne War
  • The Third Tuzri-Lonne War
  • The Fourth Tuzri-Lonne War
  • The Vonili-Leek War
  • The Nil'rik-Alik War
  • The First Co'linki-Solrik War
  • The Second Co'linki-Solrik War
  • The Third Co'linki-Solrik War
  • The Fourth Co'linki-Solrik War
  • The Fifth Co'linki-Solrik War
  • The Komri-Dolam War

Regional WarsEdit

Contiential WarsEdit

Intercontiential WarsEdit

Planetary WarsEdit

Interplanetary WarsEdit

Galactic WarsEdit

Intergalactic WarsEdit

Universial WarsEdit

Interuniversial WarsEdit

Multiversial WarsEdit

  • First Multiverse War
  • Second Multiverse War
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