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The Hunt for the Rusalka began when CIA Agent Hudson and Alex Mason met the colonists, AMS and surviving hunters along with Curien spoke of what the chemical compound Nova six was and how all life on the planet was in danger if the checmical agents were released (as elements clouds of nova six peppered Shear).

The Eden III colonists located Rusalka somewhere in the eastern hemisphere in the new giant oceans that appeared after Merging day. A full frontal assault of the ship began aimed at destroying the ship and a mission launched by CiA to kill Dragovich.

Attacking forces[]

CIA agents David Mason and Jason Hudson

Squadron of Hueys with Cold war era soldiers

Eden III colonists

Surviving hunters

AMS agents:


G - House of the dead 3 and 4 versions were on this battle)

Ryan Taylor (James Taylor's brother)

Kate Green

Kate Green (an older version )


Evan Bernard

Giorgio Bruno




Defending forces:[]



A trio of Hind's

Crewmembers and soldiers on board the Rusalka

After action report:[]

The battlle ended in the Attacking forces favour with Dragovich killed by Alex Mason. All hope seemed lost until a Hind piloted by Reznov along with Evan Bernard and Giorgio Bruno appeared taking out the last Hind saving the ground forces on the ship. The casualties in this battle were reported to be less the 30 with all hands of the Rusalka lost along with the ship sunked.

As a result Nova six was deactivated and the threat of all life on Shear eradicated extinguished.

The faction of the Shear Provisional Government was formed though the faction remained splintered.

Nod involvement in the hunt for the Rusalka[]


NOD heavily helped in the destruction and aided a battleship task force lead by a man named Weaver to the Rusalka's position, NOD themselves also helped Eden III colonists find the ship in the first place thanks to the use of the Venom and Nod's stealth bomber (the Vertigo) that allowed them to soften up the ship's defences without return fire. GDI help was minimal with a only a squad of zone troopers and a single Orca gunship although the help was appreciated but it did influence the masses of Shear to favour NOD over the GDI.

C.E.L.L's presence was light with only four of their soldiers sent along with one attack helicopter.

The Rusalka during the attack