The Hurr (known by the Second Human Empire as Hamo Velliev'iik Qooiki) were members of the Coalition of Independent States. Their homeworld is called Androma and is ruled by the Androma Republic. Fergus Reid once attempted to cheat at cards with a Hurr at Tatooine, but was caught in the act. Hurr civilization dawned about 3,000 earth years before the Third Age of Mankind. As a society it is very intolerant, factionalized and thoroughly male-dominated. Female Hurr are considered by their society to be inferior in all ways and are restricted to childbearing and to providing pleasure and company to the males. They have no right to vote and marriage is considered the pinnacle of social achievement for a female. There is a budding feminist movement on Androma but given the nature of the civilisation, any change will be extremely slow and difficult.

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