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The Hydran Kingdom is the official name of the Hydran government which is an interstellar nation located within the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. The people are led by the Monarch of the Hydran Kingdom, who has many children however clear lines of succession are somewhat difficult as the Hydran people are not monogamous. The Hydran Royal Family alone consists of 30,000 beings with 1,200 of them being Princes or Princesses.

The religion of the Kingdom consists the worship of a pantheon of minor gods as well as space living beasts. The Hydran Kingdom was once conquered by a united Klingon and Lyran invasion force that ruled them for many years from orbital stations due to the methane breathing nature of the Hydrans themselves. During this time, the Hydran Lost Colonies served as the only 'free' group of Hydrans at the time. Eventually, the Kingdom was freed thanks to the aid of the Federation, thus joining the Alliance of Nations