Hynerians (Second Human Empire: Deeui'lli Euuiki'kik) are a bipedal species, though quite small compared to the standards of other bipedals studied thus far. Indeed, they appear to be in the region of two feet high. The main characteristics of a Hynerian is their skin, which is an oily green hue. They have no thinning of the neck from the shoulders to the head, instead it seems their head is merely an extension of the body. The cranium is also quite small, however the species possesses large ears and eyeballs, and indeed a large mouth. However, they have no nasal protrusion, so instead of having a nose they have two slits where the nostrils would be on the face. Hynerians also boast a life span of several hundred cycles, possibly even spanning up to a thousand. The Hynerians joined the Alliance of Nations.

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