The IG-100 MagnaGuard, also known as the Self-Motivating Heuristically Programmed Combat Droid, was an advanced type of battle droid that was used during the First War as bodyguards of General Grievous, as per Count Dooku's order, as well as being specialized infantry on the battlefield. After the InterGalactic Banking Clan secured Grievous's services as an enforcer, they refused to hire his Kaleesh, and thus the cyborg general demanded a cadre of "more intelligent battle droids" to serve him. The construction of the MagnaGuards was then commissioned for Grievous's service, though the Jedi-killing droids were also occasionally employed to escort Count Dooku himself.

Appearance and characteristics Edit

"Remember what you were saying about 'worse than destroyers?' I think we're looking at them."
―BJ Blazkowicz, to Teal'c

Constructed by Holowan Mechanicals, MagnaGuards were roughly two meters tall, with a humanoid body shape, but possessed a far-superior mechanical anatomy. This allowed for superhuman acrobatics, speed, and combat ability. Their internal systems were furnished with advanced combat learning programs, which, compared to most of the droids utilized by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, allowed the MagnaGuards to adapt to a highly diverse variety of tasks. These tasks ranged from melee and ranged combat to starfighter control. The faces of the MagnaGuards featured two red photoreceptor "eyes", which were complemented by a backup system mounted on the chest.[1] The droid's weapon of choice was the lightsaber-resistant electrostaff, and wore cloaks and head wraps similar to the garments of Grievous's old Izvoshra elite during the general's time as a Kaleesh warlord.[1] They were known to sport Mumuu markings on their cloaks matching those on Grievous' mask.[2] Several models of the IG-100 existed, superficially denoted by color—black, alabaster, blue, and the rare gray were all spotted throughout the war. Each model had a specific programming, training, and thus specialty.[6] These droids were part of the same Holowan Mechanicals series as the later IG-88 line.[1] MagnaGuards were also capable of speech and were programmed to taunt their opponents in a low growling Basic.[7] Aside from Human speech, they appeared to occasionally use an audible form of droid language.[8] When in distress, such as when pinned to the ground, they also make yelping sounds.[9]

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