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The IPV-1 System Patrol Craft, also known as the Imperial patrol vessel, Imperial patrol vehicle or IPV-1 corvette, was a standard system security and customs vessel commonly used near planets to interdict smugglers and protect against piracy. It was produced by Republic Sienar Systems.

Description Edit

Being very fast and maneuverable, they patrolled sectors when larger ships were unavailable. They were regarded as the first line of defense against purveyors of contraband and various organizations attempting insurrection against a system, and relied on their speed to catch and disable or destroy enemy craft. Pirate attacks fell to an all-time low when this craft was in a sector. However many fell into the hands of the Coalition.

Lacking a hyperdrive, the IPV-1 flew specific routes along known smuggling lanes. Their objective was to maintain the peace and order of the galactic government within controlled space.

In order to serve their purpose well, these vessels were armed with four Taim & Bak XV7 turbolasers, as well as a single Krupx VL-4a warhead launcher.

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