The bridge of an ISA Cruiser.

ISA Cruiser

ISA Cruisers are the most advanced ships in the Allied Navy Fleet and are manufactured by ISA Vekta Shipbuilding Division.

Overview Edit

These towering hulks carry enough firepower to level a city several times over. Weapons onboard include the long-range missiles nicknamed 'Snow', capable of disintegrating entire enemy vessels in a few shots, M10 AA Guns, a prow-mounted bombardment laser for pinpoint ground strikes, and many other weapons. The cruisers also have 'dispersive armor' which can handle repeated hits from enemy ships, and even provide some defense against the heavy main cannon of the Helghast MAWLR and the Star Destroyer.

Measuring 700 meters in height, each ISA Cruiser can hold a complement of 7500, including 5000 soldiers, 500 pilots, 1800 support crew, and 200 officers. Propelled by nuclear-powered beam thrusters that double as weapons, Cruisers provide the ISA with the persuasive force it requires to keep rebelling planets in line. In addition, it can store up to 160 Intruder-type landing craft and 30,000 metric tons of ammunition for the ship's main defense cannons .

Designing and constructing the Cruiser was a massive undertaking for the ISA engineers. These ships differ greatly from their UCN counterparts, as they can change their positioning in-flight from combat operations in space to acting as on-station support in atmospheric conditions. An automated deployment system allows the Cruisers to rapidly send Intruder troop transports to a planet's surface, ensuring total planetary containment.

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