ISA Intruder

The ISA Intruder is a new dropship which is essentially a cargo lift platform that has been modified for combat use. Initially it was seen as a way to get ammo, food, water, and other equipment to teams in the field during battle. However, a desperate yet enterprising Allied soldier managed to successfully convince an Intruder pilot to transport some of his wounded comrades to safety, and so began the myth that it could safely transport personnel. Instead of the standard infantry bay and troops exiting from a forward or rear door as found in many standard dropships, the troops ride directly on top of it in a haphazardous fashion, in a similar way to riding on the back of a pickup truck with jet engines. It has a small profile and the ability to drop troops on the dime. As a result, the Intruder is perfect for rapid deployment operations, but is fairly fragile, and despite great maneuverability has very limited protection for the exposed troops. It also has small wing-mounted rockets and a chin-mounted minigun allowing it to act as a light gunship, but is dwarfed in this role compared to the Overlord with its heavy armor, two VnS-10 Scylla heavy machine guns, and a pair of unguided missile pods. Another advantage over the Overlord dropship is that the Intruder uses wheeled skids allowing it to be moved around with ease while on the ground or when maintenance crews need to move it into hangar bays. The dropships appear to use anti-gravity and thrust-vectoring technology. They are deployed from ISA Cruisers by way of being dropped from a track, in a similar fashion to the tracks on a rollercoaster drop.

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