The Iconian Refuge is the oldest of the younger races in the galaxy. Iconians evolved during the reign of the Precursors and served them for a long while. Later, the Yor were created to serve as a mechanical replacement for the servant Iconians. When the great civil war between the Arnor and Dread Lords finally came, the Dread Lords granted the Yor sentience and filled them with a cold hatred for organic life. The Yor nearly wiped out the conian race, but a small group escaped to a distant planet where they took refuge. After a great period of time tucked away from the rest of the galaxy, the humans discovered them and gifted to them the hyper-drive technology. They finally had what they needed to create a vast empire and, perhaps more importantly, take back their home planet from the vile Yor Collective, thus joining the Alliance of Nations in response.

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