"I was the head researcher for Projects Titan and Broken Minds, even after the two projects end, I stayed on this planet, continue my research..."

- Dr. Asijjkli

Dr. Ikkjikni Asijjkli, other titles includes Baron Ikkjikni Asijjkli and Duke Ikkjikni Asijjkli respectively, was the head researcher for both Project Titan and Project Broken Minds. He once worked for the Imperial Research Group 975, he, however, he disappeared when the two projects ended, though, some have stated that he is still on Sieqq'ukij Earth within a city that's known as Ciudad de Muertos (translated as 'Dead City'). Although he didn't create the Infinite Stratos directly, he did, however, create it indirectly via making the technology used in it.

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