Iktotchi NEGAS

Iktotchi were a species that originated on the harsh, windy moon of Iktotch, which orbited around the planet Iktotchon in the Expansion Region. Iktotchi did not have hair, but rather they had a very resistant skin which protected them from the violent winds which crossed the satellite. Both males and females had down-curved cranial horns, which gave them an aggressive aspect. The males' horns were generally a little larger, a remnant from their mountain-dwelling, caprinaen ancestors. The horns were able to regenerate if damaged.

They had limited manual dexterity because their broad hands were equipped with fatty digits; their hands were almost 1.5 times the size of a Human hand. Iktotchi measured on average 1.80 meters and had a rather significant breadth. Their life expectancy was approximately 90 years. The Iktochi joined the Alliance of Nations

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