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"I disdain what these puffed-up, self-appointed warlords have inflicted upon our fighting forces. These squabbling children have caused as much damage to the Empire as the Rebel Alliance has."

-Admiral Daala, 2399 NE

The Imperial Civil War was, in fact, not a single war but instead a series of conflicts that plagued the Galactic Empire, or rather what's left of it, in the aftermath of the First Multiverse War (2372 NE) and again following the Third reign of Palpatine. It officially ended in 2689 NE with the purging of the last major warlords by Admiral Daala. This act resulted in a reunified (but much weakened) Empire, of which joined the Imperialist Alliance (then the Alliance of Civilizations, despite the protest of the Galactic Alliance, Galactic Republic, United Systems of Earth, TransRace Republics and the Empire of Combined Races). The New Order purists named it the War of Purification, those who opposed the Imperial Military called it the Imperial Mutiny, and many others labeled it as the Time of Destruction.

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