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The Imperial Remnant was an Empire formed from the unified holdings of various Imperial Warlords who had ruled their own territories following the final collapse of the Galactic Empire. As the galaxy's largest Imperial power, the Remnant adhered to the tenets of the former Galactic Emperor Palpatine's New Order; although slavery and anti-alien sentiment were abolished, the Remnant maintained a strong military and limited public expression. The military was composed of the Imperial Navy, Imperial Army, and Stormtrooper Corps; making up the Remnant's war machine were traditional Imperial vehicles such as Star Destroyers, TIE series starfighters, and Imperial walkers. Led by a Council of Moffs and the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet from its inception in 2362 N.E, the Remnant was later ruled by a Head of State, which eventually became a democratically electable position in a wave of sweeping reforms. The citizens of the Remnant remained under its rule by their own choice, preferring the order and efficiency of New Order policy. The Imperial Remnant became on of many Galactic Empire's Remnants that caused major problems for the Alliance during the Remnant Wars when it was formed after the Axis Civil War broke out and the Galactic Empire dissolved.

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