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Flag of the Imperial States

The Imperial Union of American States or more commonly known as the Imperial States, was the name of the puppet state established by the Japanese Empire after Japanese forces took large sections of the American west coast. the Puppet-state was head by a Council composed of American-born Japanese, of whom, the Japanese Government believed was still loyal to the Homeland. it was dissolved when the Japanese Government discovered the Council support of Insurgent groups within the Occupied zones.

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The Imperial States had a Authoritarian government, however, it also had a monarchy established by the Japanese Government with the first, and only Emperor of the Imperial States under the heads of a man named Edward Jackson, but, the power resided with an Japanese Americans named Isamu Matsumoto, the Imperial States only Prime Minister, who also was one of several leaders of a American Resistance organization as well. Japan made the false assumption that the Japanese Americans loyalties still resided in the homeland, but, as time went on, the Japanese government soon found that the Japanese Americans, First, Second and even Third Generations's loyalties were to the United States.

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