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The Imperialist Alliance, officially called the Alliance of Imperial Powers, also known as "The Imperialist" and "Imps" (not to be confused with the Galactic Empire) is an Alliance that's made up of Fascist, Authoritarians and Dictatorial civilisations, once a simple political block within the Alliance following the First War, but it eventually became it's own power in the Multiverse and one of the major powers in the Second Multiverse War.



Founding MembersEdit

The founders of this Alliance were originally the members of of the Political Block that would became the Imperialist Alliance, these are the originally members following the New Berlin Conventions of 2379

Former Alliance MembersEdit

Former Axis MembersEdit

Former Coalition Members (following the Coalition Civil War)Edit

Former Independent Members Edit


the Imperialist society varies per member, but all are in some way either, dictatorial, fascist, theocratic, absolute monarchistic or a mixture of the four. However, they're united with their common goals and governance.


the Imperialist culture also varies per member, from the militarist Fel Empire to the cult-like theocratic totalitarian-based fascism of the Imperium of Man.



the imperialist technologies also varies per member, but are similar in nature to their Allied counterparts.

Science and Research DevelopmentEdit

see Imperial Laboratories Department Upsilon for more info.

Influential leaders within the ImperialistEdit

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