Imperium Crusades in the Xilo Universe, also known as the Imperium Invasion of the Xilo Universe, the Holy Xiloan Crusades, the Imperium Genocide of Xilo, and the Dark Times, was the name of the conflict raged by the Imperium of Man against the Xilo Universe, particularly against the Xilo Galactic Republic, Vitiate's Sith Empire, Xilo Hutt Cartel, the Eternal Empire of Zakuul and numerous other independent factions of the Xilo Universe in a campaign of genocide, xenocide and other assorted atrocities that still scares the Xilo Galaxy to this day, which lasted from 1853 to 1924 NE.

The Invasion is infamous within Alliance circles with many debating rather or not they should have stopped them from invading the Xilo Universe, as this conflict ultimately led to the factions of the Xilo Universe largely joining the Axis of Empires, with expectations in the form of the Xilo Hutt Cartel, which joined the Horde, and Eternal Empire which remained independent. But the simple fact is that this invasion helped to drag the Xilo Galaxy into the First Multiverse War and eventually lead to two separate civil wars within the two Xilo powers that also ended up joining the Alliance in turn.

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