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a Golem Mech, Project Titan's spiritual successor

Infinite Stratos (IS), once refereed to as the Kuilziku (translated as 'outerskin') and Project Titan by the Empire of the Combine Race, was originally a Imperial Research Group 975 Project that sought to create a powerful exoskeleton that was powered by a miniaturized Dark Energy Reactor to be used in the First Multiverse War, however, the Project fell out of favor and was dropped after only fifteen years of research, though, it's head researcher, Dr. Ikkjikni Asijjikli, went mission somepoint afterwords, however, the project wasn't a total lost as it created the Golem class Mech. It wasn't until several centuries later that it was recreated by Tabane Shinonono (who created it with reversed engineered technology from an "old, old, old bunker with a 'claw' on it"), although she created it for space exploration, it quickly became a weapon system that was far more advanced than any on Sieqq'ukij Earth which lead to it's destabilization.



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  • people outside of Sieqq'ukij Earth often make fun of the Infinite Stratos's bulkiness and Impracticality, often pointing to the main design flaw, the lack of protection for the torso and head