Inner Circle

The Emblem

The Inner Circle was once a terrorist faction that was originally a split faction of the Ultranationalist Party of the Russian Federation in the Cuy'ti Universe. But following Russia's membership with the Axis of Empires, it quickly became a multispecies special operations force within the Axis Joint Military. The Inner Circle operators are drawn from the special operations forces of all Axis member species. The specific units that contribute operators to Inner Circle are from Axis members who had Special Ops experience. The founders are Human; Vladimir Makarov, the originally leader of the Inner Circle, . Their rivals are Task Force 141 (Allies) and the Sons of Sylvanas (Horde)

List of Species that joined the Inner Circle Edit

  • Human
  • Klingon
  • Romulan
  • Elerian
  • Irken
    Hijacker vs Pudovkin

    A Inner Circle Hijacker fighting a Security Guard

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