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The InterGalactic Banking Clan (also known as the InterGalactic Bank Clan or the IG Banking Clan and often abbreviated to IGBC or IBC) was one of the Alliance's most powerful and influential commerce guilds. It was a union of Muunilinst's ruling Council of Banking Clans and several other banking powers. Its name likely referred to its extragalactic influence—it was known that the Banking Clan controlled assets as far as halfway between the galaxy and its nearest satellite galaxy.

The Tonith family was one of the more powerful clans that oversaw the IBC. The Iotran Guard served as a military division of the Clan. Additionally, the Order of the Sith Lords was heavily involved with the Banking Clan since at least Darth Tenebrous's time, secretly manipulating the organization. During the Clone Wars, Chairman San Hill was allied to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but the Banking Clan itself remained officially neutral. However, the IGBC fought against the Republic during the Battle of Muunilinst, at an early stage of the war. After a scandal involving new IGBC leader Rush Clovis, the entire organization was placed under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, effectively nationalizing the banks.


"The safety of our clients investment is always our paramount concern."
―IBC Chairman San Hill.[src]

The InterGalactic Banking Clan operated by helping control incredible amounts of credits, data, and other forms of currency that flowed through the galaxy. This ancient institution ventures were controlled by key representatives of the old banking families. It extended its financial services to many of the major commercial guilds in the galaxy.[2] The IBC had their own data-server that allowed clients to access to the banking clan's datacom-net.[3]