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The Interstellar Concordium was an empire located near the Romulan Star Empire and Gorn Hegemony. They were ruled by a parliament and were an alliance of peaceful species who believed in enforcing order in a manner similar to the Dominion. They were shocked to discover the violence their "barbaric" neighbors would inflict on each other and began the Pacification Campaign to enforce peace on the other races. This failed and the many races within the Concordium retreated to their territory where they remained in isolation.It has joined the Axis of Empires.

The Concordium spent years analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the other races before they began their enforced peace campaign on the other races. This made their ships both advanced and powerful; making use of phasers, plasma torpedoes and a unique plasmatic pulsar device that inflicted horrific damage on enemy ships. They also utilized advanced battlefield tactics to ensure their victories.



List of Prime Ministers[]



Member races[]

  • Meskeen
  • Aqeniae
  • Veltressai
  • Q'Naabian
  • Pronhoulite
  • Rovillian
  • Korlivilar


List of Planets under it's control[]

Foreign Relations[]