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The IMC, stand for Interstellar Manufacturing Corooration, formely called Hammond Engineering, is a massive industrial conglomerate based on Zi'ooi Earth. With Earth's support, IMC deployed its fleets to the distant, independent human colony worlds to exploit their rich resources. Facing the loss of their homes and freedom to the IMC invaders, the colonists formed a militia known as Frontier Militia and fought back in the Titan Wars to regain their independence, sparking a civil war that spread throughout human space. IMC is one of the two factions confirmed to be first fought with Combines in the Zi'ooi Universe. All IMC Titans and pilots wear shiny silver, new looking uniforms compared to the Militia's green, run down looking uniforms.

The founder of the IMC was Doctor Hammond, and the current chairman is known as Mister Hammond, a descendent of the founder. As of now, the IMC was a member of the Alliance of Nations to counter the Axis' PMCs, ending the feud with the Frontier Militia to protect the territories.



The corporation started out small, in the natural resource extraction industries under the name Hammond Engineering. Fifteen years later, demand for Titan manufacturing materials, combined with Hammond's market-cornering planetary survey technology and map database rights, contributed to the explosive growth of the corporation. Over the course of a century, a series of acquisitions, mergers, and re-brandings lead to the transformation of Hammond Engineering into the sprawling commercial empire that is the IMC. In this time, the IMC would engage in a number of conflicts in the Core Systems.

The Frontier[]

Eventually, the IMC would gain access to Jump Drive technology, leading them and their subsidiaries to settle the newly-discovered region of space known as The Frontier. The IMC would implement the IMC Serviceman's Readjustment Act (or "G.I Bill"), allowing former soldiers of the IMC's conflicts in the Core Systems to be given land and money to settle the Frontier. These troops would have their own skills in the operation of firearms and Titans. There were many economic, military, political and industrial reasons behind these programs

However, IMC support would soon dwindle as the public interest in the Frontier dwindled, eventually drying up altogether with the eruption of several conflicts in the Core Systems. Frontier life would largely go on independant of Earth for several decades, leading to the population of the Frontier gaining a large independant spirit

Eventually, the IMC would once again turn to the Frontier, discovering that Frontier life had not just survived, but thrived. Many worlds had been colonized, and resources were plentiful. Struggling to meet consumer demands in the Core Systems and realizing the potential of the resources on the Frontier, the IMC declared eminent domain - citing their initial investment in the Frontier's colonization - and began setting up vast manufacturing and mining sites on a variety of planets. This would often displace the existing Frontier population, increasing tensions between the colonists and the perceived invaders. After several decades tensions eventually led to the citizens of the Frontier forming the Frontier Militia and striking at numerous IMC garrisons these actions were possibly the beginning of the Titan Wars.

The Titan Wars[]

The Zi’oo Titan Wars were fought by the IMC and (presumably) the newly-formed Militia. During this war, the IMC and Militia fought on the Frontier and in the Core Systems. These conflicts involved heavy usage of the Atlas Titan. During this conflict, Commander-in-Chief, Frontier Command (CINCFRONT) Vice Admiral Marcus Graves would serve alongside Captain James MacAllan and Pilot Taube Robert "Barker" Taube aboard the flagship IMS Odyssey. The operations conducted by MacAllan and Barker would eventually form the basis of IMC counterinsurgency doctrine for decades to come. However, the crew of the Odyssey would eventually grow tired of the IMC's treatment of Frontier citizens, leading to a mass mutiny onboard the flagship.

Presumably, the IMC's continued presence on the Frontier is an indication these wars ended in an IMC victory, despite this mutiny.

The Frontier War[]

Following the Titan Wars, the Militia would continue to conduct guerilla operations against the IMC - though would be mercilessly hunted down by Admiral Graves. During this time, the IMC would contract mercenary Kuben Blisk, and his mercenary group the Apex Predators, to assist in counterinsurgency operations. Eventually, fifteen years later, the IMC would engage the1st Militia Fleet during a Fracture Operation refuelling raid conducted on Victor. This battle would end with Militia forces escaping, and IMC probes sent after them discovering signs of life in Sector Bravo-217. Upon discovering this previously-hidden colony was in fact populated by the survivors of IMS Odyssey, the IMC proceeded to massacre the town. The Militia would follow SOS signals sent out by colony leader MacAllan, eventually agreeing to extract the colonists in exchange for MacAllan's help in defeating the IMC.

MacAllan would take over leadership of the Marauder Corps], leading a series of Militia victories against the IMC at Angel City, Outpost 207, Base Golden and Airbase Sierra. The Militia would take down flagship IMS Sentine] and wipe out the 1991st Combat Support Group in the process.

Eventually, the Militia and IMC fleet would come into a major confrontation at Demeter, a planet connecting the Core Systems and Frontier, enabling IMC reinforcements to reach the Frontier. The refinery facilities on the planet would eventually be destroyed, cutting off IMC reinforcements from the Core Systems for several years.

The Combine Invasion[]

The first series of uni own attacks occurred in 2210 (1490 NE), assumed for be the work of the Militia, but on the remote star system found something else, entirely alien with dad mace technologies they never imagined.

Joining the Alliance[]

Known Members[]