"Don't let them past this point! don't let those Krauts and Aliens capture Wastington D.C!"

-a American Officer during the failed defense of Washington D.C

the Invasion of America, refereed to as Battle of America, Battle for the Future by American troops, is the invasion that proceeded Scorched America that last from May 18th, 1417 to July 4th, 1792 NE. At first the Axis, namely the German, Japanese and Combines, managed to capture most of the eastern coastline and large portion of the western coastline before heavy local resistance and a rebuilt American Military stop them at from feather advance but unfortunately, the American were unable to force them back and soon, First Eartican Civil War-like trenches are built up in the areas controlled by the Invaders and the United States, which soon became blood stained warzones that continuously kill millions in off and on battles. But eventually, the United States and local insurgencies finally managed to retake the United States, but it was long and bitter battle that killed well over untold millions of German, Japanese, Combines, Americans and Allied Joint Military forces after 375 years of brutal fighting.

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The axis invasion by drivanmoffitt-d3hgv12

Map of the United States during the Invasion Blue: United States/Allied controlled territories Dark Red: German controlled territories (Reformed United States of America (Pol) Purple: Combine controlled territories Yellow: Japanese controlled territories (Imperial Union of American States)

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