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"Don't let them past this point! don't let those Krauts and Aliens capture Washington D.C!"

-a American Officer during the failed defense of Washington D.C

the Invasion of America, refereed to as Battle of America, Battle for the Future by American troops, is the invasion that proceeded Scorched America that last from May 18th, 1417 to February 18th, 1464 NE. At first the Axis, namely the German, Japanese and Combines, managed to capture most of the eastern coastline and large portion of the western coastline before heavy local resistance and a rebuilt American Military stop them at from feather advance but unfortunately, the American were unable to force them back and soon, First Eartican Civil War-like trenches are built up in the areas controlled by the Invaders and the United States, which soon became blood stained warzones that continuously kill millions in off and on battles. But eventually, the United States and local insurgencies finally managed to retake the United States, but it was long and bitter battle that killed well over untold millions of German, Japanese, Combines, Americans and Allied Joint Military forces after 47 years of brutal fighting.


Invasion and Early Assaults[]

The invasion of Pol America began sometime during the First multiverse war. Combine star ships ferried army groups from the the Greater German Empire (Codename Alptha-1) and the Japanese Empire (Alptha-2). The plan was for the Axis members supported by the Combine would do a pincer movement to encircle large amounts of territory via aerial troops supported by ground troops, however this plan was later abandoned as Allied Star ships managed to hold back the Combine and air superiority in a stalemate that would not break soon. While Axis ground forces did manage to capture the Eastern and western coast of America, fighting became WW1 styled as troops dug in. Many historians called the battle the First Eartican Civil war but on steroids.

Advance Stales and Trenches Built[]

Creation of Axis Puppet Governments[]

North American Trench Warfare[]

Insurgency in Occupied Territories[]

Combine Slaughter in South Carolina and Combine Controlled Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee[]

Axis-align White Supremacist Uprisings and KKK Attacks[]

Lines Break and Alliance Advance[]

Liberation of Mainland America[]

North America in the early years of the invasion

The battle lasted for years with brutal fighting and untold destruction affecting all civilians of America. While Historians disrupt the battle could have ended decades earlier if the Allies had been more aggressive.

People Involved[]

United States of America (Pol)[]

Allied Joint Military[]

Greater German Empire[]

Japanese Empire[]

Empire of the Combine Race[]

The Combine served a supporting role in much of the battles during Pol America and protected the Atlantic-Pacific convoys and star ships. While taking as many casualties as all other factions the Combine vastly underestimated the strength of the Americans resistance and patriotism for their country.