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Invasion of Naboo

1401 N.E.


1401 N.E.




Victory for Gungan High Council & Royal House of Naboo

Major battles
  • Trade Federation
  • Gungan High Council
  • Royal House of Naboo
  • Jedi Order (unofficially)


The Invasion of Naboo,[19] also known as the Battle of Naboo,[20] Battle for Naboo,[14] Subjugation of Naboo,[13] or the Naboo Blockade[21] was a significant galactic conflict that occurred on the planet Naboo in 32 BBY, where the planet's capital city, Theed, and surrounding regions were invaded and occupied by the battle droid Army of the Trade Federation.

The Trade Federation was controlled in secret by two Sith Lords in their plot to destroy the Jedi Order and rule the galaxy: Darth Plagueis, also known as Hego Damask of Damask Holdings and the InterGalactic Banking Clan; and his apprentice Darth Sidious, under the guise of popular Senator Palpatine of Naboo. After infiltrating the Galactic Republic, they would ensure the fall of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum and that Palpatine was elected in his place, with Hego Damask as Co-chancellor.