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The Irken Hierarchy is a civilization that replaced the Irken Empire following the end of the Second Irken Civil War. Unlike most members of the Axis, the Irken Hierachy is much more benevolent then all the other members. It was replaced by the Irken Republic on June 17th, 2374 N.E

History Edit

Formation of the Hierarchy Edit

Irken Expansionary Wars Edit

First Multiverse War Edit

Joining the Axis Edit

Invasion of Earth of their home universe Edit

Start of Reorganization Edit

Day the Multiverse Burned Edit

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War against the Combines and the Chimeras Edit

End of Reorganization and Start of the Republic Edit

Government Edit

It's government is dominated and controlled by the military, it maintains it's control by using a military tribunal and hierarchy, its controlled directly by a High General, who is choosing by the Military Tribunal based on the person's abilities in leadership and combat.

Society Edit

It's Society based both it's government and culture on militarism and values it as the greatest idea ever thought (that is until the Reorganization era of the Hierarchy) as it's view the Military as the ultimate equalizer (as it's own hierarchy was based on height, which earned jokes from everyone).

Culture Edit

It's culture is often dominated by militarism as they put emphasis on military service and military leadership. But, what surprised many (namely the Species it conquered) is that they allow other species to join it's military thus became apart of it's government making the old Irken Empire's former speciesist viewpoints null and void.

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