Issac Fukui

Isaac Fukui disguising as a Diamond Dogs soldier

Isaac Fukui, fullname: Isaac Jacob Fukui, ECR Number: 5580012, was a TransRace overwatch soldier who once served the Empire of the Combine Race, and served the Alliance of Nations later in the First Multiverse War. Following the war, Isaac became a freelancer along side his wife seriving in various conflits and organizations. He was later killed during the Fifth Ylikith War.

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Family and Relatives Edit

  • Minato Fukui- Father (Deceased)
  • Ran Fukui- Mother (Deceased)
  • George/Georgia Fukui- Brother/Sister
  • Diana Fukui- Sister
  • Isabelle Fukui- Sister
  • Alice Fukui- Wife
  • Damon Fukui- First Son
  • Albert Fukui- Second Son
  • Elijah Fukui- Third Son
  • Elizabeth Fukui- only Daughter

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